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A sample of some of the bigger projects we have worked on:

Some of our projects include:


  • International Mobile Telecommunications company

  • International ACH Services with a focus on– Card, Web, and Mainframe applications

  • International Food and Drink Company implementing SAP for Distribution and Warehousing.

  • International Video Technologies company to implement and rollout set-top box and companion device programming for clients around the world. He also trained and coached Cisco customers in agile and business values.

  • Major Bank – SAFe coaching and training.

  • Retail and Hardware company in their initiative and a redesigned web portal allowing customers to track, measure, and record various home records and home improvement projects.

  • Turner Broadcasting on their first March Madness on Demand event in 2011. Broadcasting multiple NCAA (National Collegiate Association of America) sporting events (basketball, baseball, soccer, etc.) during March over TV, Cable, and handheld devices. That event was part of the $11 billion contracts over a 10 year period

  • Disney on their agile transformation and implementation for their website identifying the new Smart-band and RFID project for Disney World in Orlando.

  • Working at IBM on the 1998 project which was the world’s first Internet multi-casting event, TV, Radio, Cable, and Internet.

  • We have worked in various locations around the globe

    Worldwide Map of Locations we have worked.
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