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Services We Provide


  • Agile Coaching and Training for teams, management, and the C-Suite Level
  • Product Team Coaching
  • Pilot Team Training and Coaching
  • Business Agility Coaching in IT AND Non-IT Organizational areas and Companies (Sales, Marketing, Finance, CxO)
  • Process Flow and Approval Management Designs
  • Strategic Planning
  • Program and Policy Management
  • Cross-Functional Process Re-engineering
  • Change Management and Enablement




Since 2009, we have provided training and mentoring in Scaling Agile practices such as Scrum and Kanban in both a public and private company setting. With companies ranging from Start-Ups to Fortune 25 companies.

To date, we have trained over 1000 people in 5 countries with class sizes ranging from 9 - 160 people simultaneously.

We take the time to not only train the teams but their leaders as well. Organizations must have good Agile Leadership at all company levels for continued growth.  




In addition to training, we also do coaching from the team level to the C-Suite.  It's hard for teams to successfully change to a new process when leaders continue doing work in an old pattern.  This creates a conflict within the culture and values of the company.  This generally causes misalignment within the organization and results in less than stellar results for the teams, the company, and their customers.

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